Cooking with beer, wine and spirits



My name is Ianna (pronounced like ‘YA-NUH’).  I live in Tampa, FL with my husband and my miniature American Eskimo, Einstein (otherwise known as the smartest, most handsome, bestest Doggo in the universe).

I have what you might call an obsessive personality – there are very few things that I like “just a little bit”. If I have an interest in something, I’m all in – I have to read every article, watch every related video and follow every hashtag. While most of these interests fade over time, my current obsessions include making lists, cookbooks, Bath and Body Works 3-Wick candles, and watching way too many TV shows.  In fact, my favorite way to spend a Friday night is at home, binge-watching Netflix with a cookbook in my lap, making a grocery list while a Eucalyptus Spearmint candle burns in the background. With a glass of wine in hand, of course.

Now let’s get to the good stuff – FOOD. I am crazy obsessed with food. On any given day, you can bet that a portion of my time is dedicated to food – watching cooking TV shows, reading cookbooks, browsing Pinterest recipes, reading food blogs – hell, I even sometimes browse local restaurant menus for entertainment.

When I look back on the best recipes I have ever tried, the majority have a singular ingredient in common – alcohol.  I can remember the first time I made Coq Au Vin, courtesy of America’s Test Kitchen. Although it went against my natural instincts to pour an entire bottle of wine into the pot (Oh, the horror! The tragedy! The waste!), the resulting dish was undeniably one of the best things I have ever tasted.  Since then, I have scoured the internet for traditional and modern recipes alike that have been made better by including wine, beer or spirits in the cooking process. After a while, I got bored with just viewing the recipes that others have shared and decided to get in on the action. And thus, a blog was born!

I’ll take a moment to throw out a disclaimer that not every recipe in my blog will contain alcohol. While those are the recipes that I find to be most fun to experiment with, my love of food is too extensive to limit myself from sharing something really great with you guys just because it doesn’t fall within a particular category.

I should probably add a second disclaimer that I am by no means a professional chef. I have never had any formal training, and I once spectacularly failed at making risotto during the only cooking class I have ever attended. Nevertheless, trying out different recipes and learning new techniques with food is a passion of mine.

My ultimate goal is to become the kind of cook that my grandmother is – to have that intuitive ability to take whatever is available in my kitchen (or liquor cabinet), throw it together and produce a masterpiece each time. While I know I have a while to go before I get there, I hope that you will stick around for the journey.

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